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4A, Station Road, Marine Drive, Wellawatte, Colombo 06

Rio ice cream is the most popular ice cream as carnival in Colombo. The outlet in Jaffna has been rated 4 out of 5 and is even recommended by the trip advisor. It is a must go if you visit to Jaffna.
But now, you need not to travel to Jaffna to taste their ice cream. They are in Colombo too.
In this review, we focus on their Colombo outlet <3



 Known for


The name says it all… Yes, ICE CREAM!!!
Rio is known for its GENEROUS portions of ice cream, offered at a cheap price which draws nearly everyone to them.  






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Exterior view


This is how Rio looks like from outside. They do have out-door dining facility, with plastic furniture as shown in the picture. Parking is quite an issue on weekends and on weekdays around 2pm and 5pm. You could park on the either sides of the road. If not, in a lane close by.

Interior seating arrangements



The interior is furnished with Comfortable Wooden furniture.



The menu is filled with a great variety, with prices ranging from Rs.30- Rs.300. They serve not only ice cream, but also sundaes and juices.
Talking of individual items, the best are Rio Special and Rio Mega Special.
Topped with nuts, Rio special has 3 layers; four scoops of  Ice cream (is four scoops of ice cream- fruit and nut, vanilla, mango, and milk,fruit and nut, vanilla, mango and milk ice cream) , jelly and fruit four scoops of ice cream- fruit and nut, vanilla, mango, and milk, is four scoops of ice cream- fruit and nut, vanilla, mango, and milk, Rio mega Special which is topped with smarties, also involves the same 3 layers but in generous quantities and different flavor. Warning: You wouldn’t be able to finish the meg special alone ;)
Chocolate double cut is also a must try .but bear in mind it has a quite a different taste. They even have take-away options and also sell their ice cream in tubs of 1litre.


Rio is open from 9.00 am to 10.00pm. The customer service can be rated as satisfactory. The cashier area could be really packed on peak times and days, which could delay our orders. No wifi and credit cards accepted.




It is a silent place during non peak times like from 9am to 1pm during weekdays. However wouldn’t recommend it for a romantic day out.
 But if you want to enjoy a variety of ice cream with your loved one for a really worth-it price, then Rio is the place <3

That’s it on Rio ice cream shop. Hope you guys got enough info.  If you need any help or clarification, email us at or drop in a message in our Facebook page.
Don’t forget to drop in your comments and views on the place, below. Would be really helpful for others and do let us know if you guys want us to write a review on any restaurant you know.
See you soon with another interesting post <3

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