Saturday, April 5, 2014

Places to watch World Cup T20 Finals

As you all know Sri Lanka has qualified for yet another finals and this time it's the World T20 finals which we qualified two years ago and unfortunately lost *Sigh* . But this time we have got a 2nd chance and also as it is against India we have got some unfinished business against them to be sorted out from the 2011 World cup finals. So everyone's pumped up for tomorrow's finals and here are a list of places where you can enjoy the finals with your family and friends.

1. CH & FC Grounds 

This is one of the most favorite place for many and it is organised by Lite FM. The tickets are priced at Rs. 500 and can be purchased from 5th April till the game starts. There will be tables and chairs to watch but it will allocated in first come first serve basis. They have an awesome DJ but recently we saw some tweets that they spend too much time on commercials. As it's the finals tomorrow I doubt it won't be the same. There will also be plenty of food and drink stalls. 

2. Taj Samudra 

This is one of the admin favorites. Why? The ticket price is Rs. 500 and you can use this money towards the food and beverages available at the North Lawn of Taj. Yes you read that right ;) free food for the 500 you pay for the ticket. It's organised by Kiss FM so the entertainment aspect is also guaranteed and you can taste some delicious Taj food and Booze while enjoying the game.

3. Colombo Racecourse and Galle Face

These are two places you can watch the games for free so it will be crowded for sure and also the atmosphere will be fantastic too. But if it rains tomorrow in Sri Lanka there's no place for shelter and in Racecourse recently during a match the signal went off due to rain as they were using dialog tv.

So given above are some choices for you all so choose wisely your favorite option and make sure you be there early so you can get a good view of the screen and a place with a good shelter as there will be chances of rain tomorrow. Good luck to the Sri Lankan team and let's hope and pray our Lions will bring the cup home :)

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