Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Sizzle


32 Walukarama Road, Colombo 3 

I'm sure we all have come across people who love their food to be served hot to them. The sizzle restaurant has indeed identified this <3 this restaurant is worth a visit for the unusual experience customers receive in terms of sizzling food and for their best customer service. Here's the complete review on the Sizzle


Exterior View

This is how The Sizzle looks like from outside. They don't have out-door dining facility. Parking is available for around 6-8 vehicles.

Interior Seating arrangement


 There's ample space inside and nearly 130 people can dine at the same time comfortably with three cozy private dining rooms with capacity of 12, 20 & 30. The interior is very nice and the ceiling is covered with photos of people who celebrated their birthday there. There are some comfortable wooden tables and chairs arranged in different ways to suit families, couples and group of friends. When you enter there is a guy waiting to lead you to a comfortable table which will suit you which is very helpful when you go for the first time.









The Menu's gives a macho theme with World Boxing Champions having their favorites. Tyson's Portion, Holyfield's Buster, Armstrong's Blow, Mohammed Ali's Choice, Bruno's Chop are a few favorites. Please note there will be additional government & Service tax added in the end which will make the bill a bit big.
The menu is too big to take pictures and post here so you can check the menu here-> http://www.thesizzle.lk/menu.html
Their Brownie with Ice cream & Cheese cake with Ice cream shown in the following pic are heavenly and a must try.  




 The service in this place is just brilliant. The waiters are very polite and know their menu well and may even help you to select the best if you're confused with the big menu. Also after you dine they'll give a form to fill with details like your date of birth and send you discounts and offers for your birthday. This is brilliant PR work by them to attract customers. They also bring papers and crayons if you're with a child like they used to do in MCDonalds. All in all kudos to the brilliant service by them. They have Free wifi too.


It's a great place for a romantic dine-out and even for a family outing. It's a bit crowded on some days but still due to the vast space you can find a seat with some privacy somewhere. 

That’s it on Sizzle guys. We do encourage you to visit them and taste their delicious dishes. If you need any help or clarification drop in a message in our Facebook page.

Don’t forget to drop in your comments and views on the place, below. Would be really helpful for others and do let us know if you guys want us to write a review on any restaurant you know.

See you soon with another interesting post <3


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